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 ACAS Academy - Makeup School  

  Professional Makeup Training Classes | Multi Media High Def Makeup

  High Fashion Makeup Training | Master Your Own Makeup  | Airbrush Makeup Training

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Professional Makeup Training Classes | Multi Media High Def Makeup | Airbrush Makeup | Bridal Makeup |
High Fashion Makeup | Photography Makeup | Eyelash Extensions | Private Lessons Master Your Own Makeup  

Our Mission / Acceptance Process

Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences Accelerated Cosmetic Programs are geared for both Aspiring Artists or already established Professional Artists. 
Whether you are completely new to the field of cosmetics or seek additional skills to advance your ongoing career, you will not find a higher quality education. 

Licensed by the Commission for Independent Education #3954, we have elected to execute our right to accept or deny admission to our academy based on the results of the perspective students interview  

All of our prospective students must complete a full interview / career counseling session for acceptance with our campus dean. During this interview it will be determined if we are the right "fit" for each other.

The Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences demands a higher caliber of student, individuals that have the desire and drive to be successful .

As a result of the high expectations and standards of ACAS,
Pride and Professionalism are instilled in our Graduates.

These standards of excellence are exceeded and evidenced by the success rate of our graduates and the growth of our Academy earning us a top reputation as an industry leader maintaining a stellar graduate success and  placement ratio over 97%.

In turn, our graduates are successful in a broad range of careers in the cosmetic beauty industry.

Ms. Katrina Bodrato says ""  ACAS  is very different from your typical school. We setup our students to succeed, there is alot more to being successful than just learning your services."

At ACAS - Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences, we realize that it is after you have earned your Diploma when you need the most support. Having these resources are key to your success" .

I do look forward to our career counseling session. Please call us today to schedule a time. Interviews can be done in person or via telephone.

“There is one quality that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to achieve it”.


Ms. Katrina Bodrato
President & Founder
Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences
Direct Line : (954)-200-1104

"Pride in Beauty....Privledged by Credential"
The Power in Education

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